Beach Splash


Beach Splash was the first project in the Game Development course. The project was aimed at entertainment systems in certain airplanes. This meant the game had some requirements, which was that we could only use the arrow keys, 'Z' and 'X' as input. This game was developed with a team of three. All assets were also made by the team. As this was the first project none of us had real programming experience before this.


The player is participating in a watersoaker tournament, but is clearly the favorite. As the other kids notice this more and more they start teaming up to try and soak the player.


In this project we used the waterfall method. This means that we decided at the very beginning of the project what we were going to develop and how we were going to do that. Because this course is aimed at teach student both game design and game programming we were all involved in this process. We didn't start this project in a "real" game engine. We used processing 3 as the engine which uses the Java language. Some examples of features I was involved in were pause screen, gameover screen, bullet and a second enemy which was 90% complete which we just needed to test, but ran out of time for.