Trauma was made under the second year project "Project Game Development". This project started out with 3 game jams of a week each. For each game jam the team got a GO or NO-GO. Eventually we had to choose one of the project we got a GO for and that was Trauma. Around this time we were also working with source control and agile development. This meant we could apply and reinforce our knowledge about git and Game Design Documents.


The main character has suffered a trauma in his past which he doesn't remember. As player goes through the house they find notes as to what happend to the main character.


This was also my first 3D project which was scary and exiting at the same time. To scale the project down somewhat we decided to make a game like P.T. because this looked reasonable to do for us. Along with this being the first 3D game I was going to be working on it also was the first time touching the Unity game engine and C# langauge. We started this project out with 5 people but slowly more and more of the team started dropping out which eventually left me and another programmer to finish the project. Unfortunately we did not get a passing grade the first time which meant we had to try again at the resit. For this we had 2 weeks to iron out any issues we had. During these 2 weeks we put up multiple 12 hours days working on the game but sadly we didn't manage to get a passing grade.

Because we didn't manage to pass this project it meant we had to redo the whole project. While I was sad at the time, the next project was a lot of fun working on and what I think of as a great experience and game on my portfolio even though it may have it's own issues.