Wave One


For the first semester of the 2019-2020 schoolyear students had to make something and release it into the real world. This could be anything like a demo, game, article, tool, etc. about any (game-related) topic. We had about 4 weeks to complete this project. I had a couple interesting ideas in mind, but ultimately decided to go with Wave One.

So what is it?

Wave One is a tool for Unity with which users can configure enemy waves. I want this tool to be as universal as possible so it can be used for any game that has a form of enemy waves. By looking at games with enemy waves and other assets, I tried to implement many of the existing features and features that I thought were missing. Of course there are games which have unique wave mechanics, but if this asset was to be used I want it to be easy to write your own wave mechanic and implement it into the asset.