Infinite Tachyon


As explained on the Trauma project page I had to redo the second year project. This project had the same setup, meaning, 3 weeks of game jams, GO/NO-GO for each jam and then a decision on our part to choose which idea we want to continue with. Our team consisted of 5 members again, but this time around one of the team members was solely focused on sound.


A planet is being devoured by The Abyss, but the Abyss holds a magical resource that alien races want to obtain so a war emerges on the planet for said resource.


Starting this project we decided we wanted to go multiplayer. Our product owner (teacher) warned us that making an RTS is incredibly difficult and going multiplayer is going to make everything extra difficult. We still decided to go against their advice and continued with this project. To make the game different from other RTS games we added some elements such as an uncontrollable moving base and battle royale mechanics like a shrinking playing area (which we decided to scrap for the final version). As expected this was and still is a very difficult project to realize. At our final retrospective the product owner was incredibly surprised by how far we had come with the game and how well it worked (taking into account the time period and our experience). Even though I agree that it's a great game I can't but help thinking it could have been better. I think our main problem was that we tried to do too many different things. We had a lot of ideas we wanted to implement but instead of really getting some parts great we made most of the parts, but not as good as we (I) wanted.